Standing Strong for Wyoming Ratepayers

We are an association of Wyoming ratepayers that support affordable, reliable, equitable, and environmentally responsible electricity. We stand firmly against efforts to prolong the use of uneconomical electricity-producing infrastructure through mandating expensive and unproven technologies that come at the expense of Wyoming electricity customers.

We Support

Promoting Public Accessibility & Accountability

We are committed to informing Wyoming ratepayers and encouraging public participation and accountability in regulatory and legislative decision-making.  

Responsible Utility

We support utility investments in affordable, reliable, equitable, and environmentally responsible electricity-producing infrastructure. 

Certainty for Wyoming Ratepayers

We want Wyoming ratepayers to have certainty in their electricity bills. Unpredictable changes to electricity bills can leave Wyoming’s most vulnerable ratepayers susceptible to  economic hardship.

Join The Association

Join the association and stay up to date about recent news and opportunities to engage in protecting Wyoming electricity rates. Together we have the power to form a bright future for Wyoming ratepayers.

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Wyoming Association of Ratepayers is a project of Powder River Basin Resource Council to find out more about Powder River visit: